About us

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Why your donation matters!

Thanks to the skills of our trained advisers, every £1 donated to this service results in £5 raised from grants and government funding for people in Rutland and the surrounding community.

The ‘For Rutland’ Advisers can also help to get funding for specialist equipment which  can make a tremendous difference to the quality of life of  people with long term conditions and to their carers. 

For more information info@forrutland.org.uk
or call 0780 1319222

Our Mission 

 To raise funds to pay for specialist advisors who support people of all ages, living with long term conditions in Rutland and the surrounding community.

How did it all begin? For Rutland started as a fundraising committee over 50 years ago, generating substantial funds for Macmillan, starting with the very successful Good and New Clothes Sale.  Until a few years ago all funds were passed directly to Macmillan Headquarters and they in turn funded a Macmillan adviser based at Citizens Advice Rutland.

In 2014 Macmillan centralised some of their service and as Rutland is a small county, it could no longer support a dedicated adviser at Citizens Advice Rutland.  Instead, the service was shared with other counties.

At this point, For Rutland fundraising committee formed  a new working relationship with Citizens Advice Rutland, so that all funds raised in the Rutland community could be used specifically to keep the dedicated adviser in Rutland.

Today For Rutland is the fundraising arm of the charity Citizens Advice Rutland and with continued, dedicated efforts has managed to expand the advisory service in line with demand. It now not only helps people with cancer, it helps people of all ages and with all long term conditions.

All our fundraising work is done with the help of volunteers, without expensive salaries! All donations go exactly where they are needed – to improve the lives of people with long term conditions in Rutland and the surrounding community.

The For Rutland, dedicated advisers cannot change your diagnosis,
but can offer essential practical advice and assistance.
All of the advice is free, confidential, impartial and independent
with a unique one point of contact. 

You need only tell your story once.